The Man Behind The Writing

Oh man, I can't tell you how much I hate talking about myself (ironic I know). But the about me pages and describing myself is not my natural forte. So here it goes, I'm about to tell you a few things about myself fully aware you probably aren't bothered.

Mr Tom James was 'born' back in December 2015, a time whereby I was incredibly depressed with my anxiety at it's worse and so I decided to create a blog to share all my feelings and thoughts in an attempt to stop bottling things up. 

I absolutely love blogging for me it's a passion and hobby not a business, it has been there for me when I was in my darkest place and couldn't imagine my life ever improving. Blogging has installed some resilience in me and now as I write this I am stronger than ever. I know when I'm feeling low I've got a ton of people out there who can relate to me. Long story short, blogging is my therapy which I used to treat my anxiety and depression.

I would love to connect with other blogs of a similar niche, I'm sorry but I'm bored of 'blogs' focusing on clothes, make-up or simply reviewing product after product. I want the nitty gritty I want to learn about the blogger not their hobby. My interpretation of a blog is an online diary which is personal and that's what I want to read. So many of these so called blogs appear to me as more of a online magazine format. This isn’t your typical blog, nothing is planned, all my posts take between 5-10 minutes. I write about what I’m feeling at the time, you won’t find pretty little pictures, memes, perfect photography. I get straight to point and I’m brutally honest. 

Updated: 13/10/17