Battling Eczema - Part 4


Over the years I’ve tried a ton of shampoos, nice fragrant ones, ones specially for men and of course the classic anti-dandruff ones and not one has made much of a difference. As I’ve sat and dried my hair after a shower I’ve noticed straight away I’ve still got Eczema and Dandruff. It might not seem like a big deal but it can make you feel down when something so simple isn’t a problem for many other people. For me my Eczema on my scalp has always caused me anxiety, elsewhere on my body I can hide it but when it’s in your hair there’s little you can do. My first three years of secondary school were tough, we had to wear dark navy blazers and throughout the day my Eczema would always be noticeable on my blazer collar and I couldn’t not wear my blazer cause of my excessive sweating which I was trying to hide. No matter how many times you try and explain to people that it’s Eczema and you can’t control it they don’t listen, to them it’s dandruff and just makes you look lazy and unhygienic. 

Hair cuts have always been a massive deal for me, I absolutely detest them to the point where I’ve left it as long as possible until to the stage where I’m sitting in the hairdressers chair on the brink of a breakdown cause I’m that conscious about the Eczema on my scalp. My childhood was spent using Polytar from the doctors which is a shampoo used to treat scalp Eczema but the smell is awful. It wasn’t until recently that I came across a post in one of these discount bargain groups on Facebook where a lady was informing people about a deal on Child’s Farm products at Boots. I scrolled through  hundreds of comments and there were lots of parents saying how it has been the best cream and shampoo to treat their child’s Eczema. Of course I wasn’t very optimistic as I’ve heard all my life of these creams that magically make Eczema disappear but for the sake of a couple of pounds I didn’t have much to loose so bought the cream, shampoo and conditioner. 

I’m obsessed with the whole Child’s Farm range and I’m convinced that the best products for all of us are the ones marketed for babies. There seems to be a lot less ingredients and they’re far more sensitive on our skin. The Child’s Farm moisturiser is also a must, most creams tend to just give you a temporary fix and the next day your back to square one again. I’ve been recommending Child’s Farm to everyone but no one has taken much notice as it sounds too good to true but yesterday I couldn’t believe my luck when a fellow blogger wrote about their experience using Child’s Farm on Psoriasis and the results were astounding. I can’t believe something so affordable is such positive effects on our skin.  

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