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First things first, petshop.co.uk are an online shop supplying  a whole range of pet food and supplies. They also offer a subscription service and here’s what we go in our latest box...

These couldn’t have arrived at such a perfect time. Last week Louie had his annual vaccination which includes a health check. As usual the vet mentioned the tar on his back teeth, last year I bought a dog toothbrush and toothpaste but failed epically. Brushing dogs teeth is much more difficult than you’d expect. The Dentalife sticks do the work of a toothbrush and reach all the difficult parts of his mouth and most of all Louie is getting a treat at the same time so it’s a win win.

For anyone who doesn’t know Catch are specialists in making dog food using fish sourced from the Atlantic, Iceland and Scotland. The treats are packed full of protein essential for good health.

When I opened the box and spotted the cookies I was excited to let the dogs try them. I couldn’t believe dog cookies actually existed. However, the excitement was short lived, I opened the pack and the first thing that hit me was the smell. Seafood is a flavour I’d associate more with cats. When you think of dog food you think of meat; lamb, chicken, rabbit, turkey and beef. I must admit I was slightly disappointed as I’d have expected the cookies to have more shape definition and look more like cookies.

First up to try the cookies was Reggie and after a few sniffs and a little persuasion he managed to take one off me but instantly changed his mind and wouldn’t eat it. It’s safe to say his not a fan of fish. However, every dog is different and I’m sure there’s plenty of others out there who would love these treats.

One of the benefits of having three dogs is that you can always count on at least one of them to eat something the others don’t like and this time Billy came to the rescue. Billy is at retirement age now and loves to stay in bed all day and get up for the odd cuddle.

Now this proved to be more popular. I think the reasoning behind this is because it’s 50% fish and 50% vegetables so there was a good balance and the fish flavouring wasn’t as overpowering as the fish cookies. These have gone down a storm with Reggie and they’re the perfect size as his only a small dog. I’ve been introducing them to him as treats at first and slowly started to add them into his normal food (ensuring his not overfed) and I’ve noticed his been eating much more of his dinner since adding these. I will definitely be ordering more of these and highly recommend them.

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