LEGO Therapy


Growing up, I like many other kids had Lego. I’m not very creative though, I’m more academic and not very good with my hands so my Lego creations were non existent, I had no idea how to build anything instead I’d just stick bricks together and build towers. On the other hand, my sister is the complete opposite, she’s not academic like me but give her a box of Lego and she would dive straight in and build all sorts. 

It wasn’t until I started working in schools that I was introduced to ‘Lego Therapy’. I was amazed by the results, it developed team building, leadership and level of respect for one another. It was bringing children together and I watched children grow in confidence. I’d sit and watch them develop holistically and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing children get excited over their own abilities, abilities they never thought they had. 

It got me thinking and I thought well if it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for me. There’s just one thing though, I had no idea just how expensive Lego can be. I have to rely on the Lego sets with the instructions to the build and these sets can reach some crazy prices. I had to knock the idea on the head, I couldn’t justify spending so much money on just little bits of plastic. 

However, I am pretty savvy and love finding a good deal. I’d spot a set I like and search the internet looking for a good price. Just like the Big Bang Theory set in the picture above. I managed to get it brand new for just £42.50, I’ve realised now lego is worth its weight in gold. There’s more to it than just little bits of plastic. The benefits are endless. 

I’m using Lego as therapy, I’m not going to sit there and have a building marathon and build in one sitting. Instead when I’m feeling low I’m gonna have a little build as it helps lifts my mood and I always find it really therapeutic. There’s no other distractions, no tv, no tablets, no phone, no social media. It’s just me and some plastic bricks in a calming environment using my mind to be creative rather than letting it run wild with negative thoughts. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and see your builds... up 

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