None of us like spots. That feeling when you wake up in the morning stroll to the bathroom and after you look up from brushing your teeth a huge spot has appeared overnight staring right at you in the mirror. 

I'm not one for popping spots with my fingers and the thought just makes me shudder so my solution has always been spot cream which is great and works but it often takes quite a few hours to clear. The creams and gels and inexpensive and can be bought for £1 or less but they're no good if you need that instant removal. 

Spots are evil and can be really damage your self confidence they make me really paranoid which doesn't help when I already have anxiety. The thought of someone standing near me and noticing a spot on my face makes me a nervous wreck. 

I remember at college a few years ago a few gasps and screams from the girls all huddled around a phone. Being inquisitive I had to find out what was going on and it turns out they were watching Dr. Pimple Popper. I watched one video and thought nothing of it again.

I think I've mentioned before how I struggle with my sleep and often can be awake in the early hours of the morning and quite easily function on just a few hours sleep. Well these past few weeks for some unknown reason I keep waking up at around 3pm. Anyone who's ever been awake at this time knows how boring it is as the television is just shopping channel after shopping channel. 

I found myself searching the usual random things early in the morning and up popped Dr Pimple Popper. Since then I haven't looked back and like many of her followers I'm addicted to seeing what she gets up to although there's a few things on her Instagram I wish I didn't watch but it's hard to just look away once you hit play. 

Looking at all the techniques she uses I noticed she had a gadget where she simply pushes down and pulls the gadget across the skin and POP the spots all gone. It looked like the perfect technique for me to try so I ordered a kit off eBay. I've only had it about a week but now I'm fully prepared and equipped for any spot brave enough to appear on my skin. I no longer worry about spots and the thought of one actually excited and I can't wait to get my tools on the little bugger and get rid of him. 

The kits are quite cheap I think mine was only around £4 including postage on eBay or you can just buy a single tool for about £1. I highly recommend them and they are well worth buying. No more lotions and potions and waiting around for spots to go anymore in just a few seconds my problems are solved. 

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