The Dating Game - Game Over


For those of you that don't know, my last relationship recently ended. I'm quite positive about it though because I know I wasn't in the wrong, she refused to make time for me and I probably had about 10% of her time if not less. It was time to walk away and say adios to that demoralising relationship.

Date 1 

This was the last thing I wanted. I got talking to a girl who lived quite close to me and out of curiosity I wanted to know more about her as I hadn't seen her around were I live. We got talking and soon the discussion moved onto our pasts I told her about my ex and the next thing I know she started making me all these promises of how she wouldn't hurt me. I didn't understand this girl, didn't understand why she would be saying these things when we don't even know each other. I'm not used to girls being really forward and she was, asking for my number and offering me out on a date. I politely declined her offer as I wasn't interested in that what so ever. As soon as I said no, her attitude changed and she was quite annoyed, the next day I felt guilty as she had been quite nice to me and so I offered to go on a date with her. We planned to go into town for a meal, the time came and she was outside waiting for me but as soon as I stepped into her car her attitude changed she was absolutely vile and impossible to please. She barked that she no longer wanted to go to town for a meal and demanded I tell her exactly where I was going to take her. I explained how I didn't know her and so unsure as to where she would like to go. We set off in the car and within a few minutes I had enough of her attitude towards me and demanded she pulled over and let me out the car, I ended up walking home in the rain. I think she is what you would call a 'stinka'.

Date 2 

Technically, this wasn't a date. Everything started off perfect I matched with a girl on tinder and surprisingly she live very close so much so she actually lives one street away. Strangely it turns out we both went to the same primary and secondary school yet never bumped into each other before. We had barely spoke but as we had so much in common we planned to go Costa for a coffee. I was incredibly nervous especially when I spotted her waiting for me, she was a 'worldie'. It was only a short walk to Costa but part of me was shaking being in the presence of such a pretty girl. I'm not really a fan of Costa as I struggle in queues with my anxiety and you have to wait ages but I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and persevered. We got talking over a coffee and I had a really nice time it turns out she has a lovely personality and I found her really intriguing hearing about some of her life experiences. I didn't sense many good vibes she's got a bit of a shy personality, to be honest I probably overpowered her with my personality as I'm well known for talking too much.

We began walking home in the rain but I got this feeling she didn't like me at all she was practically running home and couldn't get away from me fast enough and well there wasn't much talking taking place. Until right as she got to her street I turned round and for some reason I stupidly said the most inappropriate thing ever. I have no idea what came over me, it's safe to say I was lucky she didn't give me a slap. I can't explain why I said what I did, it was disgusting and pathetic so much so I couldn't even look at her afterwards cause I was that ashamed of myself. I couldn't even bring myself to say bye to her because I knew I didn't deserve to be anywhere near her or talk to her. I messed up on what could have potentially been a really nice friendship. I am tired of being a fuck up and sick of feeling hurt, all I seem to do is push people away in fear of getting hurt. I did attempt to resolve things and ran round to her house sporting a bouquet of flowers but by then it was late and we haven't spoke since.

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