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Recently I was selected to review a bike helmet courtesy of CyclePlan who provide cycle insurance. I didn't even know cycle insurance existed. They cover the cost of your bike, equipment such as Go Pro's and accidents. I highly recommend you look into them, specially after someone I know was recently involved in a accident whilst cycling.

Personally, I feel cycle insurance is overlooked by many people believing they won't ever need it but cycling is becoming more popular and right now there's lot more cyclists on the roads. For the sake of a few pounds it's best to get yourself covered for peace of mind and for your own safety.

I have this really big pet hate and it's seeing children whizzing past me on bikes and scooters wearing no helmet. It is unbelievable the long lasting and even short term injuries which can occur from not wearing a helmet. It's just not worth thinking about, without doubt helmets save lives. Unfortunately, due to the indecisive weather we've been exposed to recently I haven't had the opportunity to test out the helmet. I have tried it on and it fits perfectly, I highly recommend Bell helmets and believe they are some of the best on the market.

You can't put a price on life and it's better to opt for a more expensive and reliable helmet that will give you more protection than settling for the first you see, cheapest one you see or most fashionable. Please please please when you do get a helmet make sure you make the adjustments and ensure it fits well, a loose helmet reducing your safety.

So here's the moment I stop rambling and move more focus on the helmet itself. Well what can I say? It's extremely comfortable and surprisingly lightweight, I absolutely love the urban design and just bursts out a retro feel for me. Bell sport a range of various designs and this is part of their Intersect range.

So to summarise make sure: A) Your bike or scooter is safe before use B) You obtain insurance from Cycleplan to give you peace of mind knowing your protected whilst out on the road and C) Make sure you've got a good quality helmet that fits well and gives you all round good head protection.

Wishing you all a happy but most importantly safe journey!

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