*Vitastik E-Cigarettes*


I was recently offered the chance to try out Vitastik's e-cigarettes. I decided to test out the following three flavours:

Orange and Grapefruit and Lime

I found this pen a little more difficult to get my head around. Unlike the other flavours this pen has 3 and for me there was just a little too much going on and with every puff I tasted a different flavour.  However, in particular, I did really enjoy the grapefruit taste.

Mint and Cherry

I could really taste the cherry flavour in this pen. It wasn't too weak or too heavy, it was just right, a nice balance of mint to go with the cherry. 

Mint and Peppermint

The mint in this one wasn't as strong as the mint and cherry flavour. Smoking leaves that horrible smell which lingers on your skin and breath for hours. This mint and peppermint flavour was similar to chewing gum, it left my mouth feeling refreshed.

Vitastik also offer two other flavours which can be found on their website.

Let me start off by saying how surprised I was at how long lasting Vistastik's are. Each pen provides you with around 500 puffs. Therefore, Vitastik are extremely good value for money in comparison to buying regular tobacco. This may come as a surprise but they actually contain Vitamin A, B, C, E and CoQ10 and most importantly there is NO harmful substances such as TAR and NICOTINE. There is also no chance of passive smoking and these pens do no harm to your health and only emit a natural organic aroma.

Vitastik's are incredibly vibrant and discreet. If I'm honest I find smoking has become more of a taboo and it is frowned upon much more and so I really enjoyed Vistastik as apposed to using the vaping pens with tanks which produce large vapour clouds. I only have one small criticism, actually it's more of a precaution than a criticism and that is to take extra care with these pens and they may fall into the laps of small hands thinking they are felt tips or crayons.

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