A Happy Box


Firstly, sorry but this isn't a post about that box of deliciousness from McDonalds. I remember as a youngster going to bed feeling really depressed and finding it impossible to sleep. I developed a coping mechanism to help me sleep and that was to think about happy thoughts, fill my mind full of happy times. If I'm honest I often still rely on that thought process today. I believe if you go sleep happy then you'll wake up happy.

So this got me thinking and I had a little brainwave and thought what if there was a way for me store these memories elsewhere and so the 'Happy Box' was invented. When I thought of the idea I did search the net and found other people have made one too (great minds think alike). If you're creative then you can go one step better and decorate your box however you like. A bonus if you enjoy arts and crafts and find it therapeutic. 

So what's in my box? (There's something I never thought I'd ever say!)

In the past I've mentioned how I find my dogs therapeutic and so you guessed my happy box contains a few dog memories. First off, we have my British Bulldog's old collar. For those of you that don't know sadly, Frankie passed away last summer. This collar means the world to me as it's the last thing I have of his (he wasn't one for toys). It always brings a smile to my face and I think of him now pretending to be asleep and doing his fake snoring whenever he caught sight of his collar as he knew it meant walkies. Frankie was the most loving dog in the world and I have eternal love for the old fella. Love you fatman! xxx

Next up is my ticket from when I visited Disneyland Paris for Halloween last year. Disneyland Paris was one of those places I always dreamed of visiting. Sadly, I didn't enjoy the trip as much as I expected but I'm going to put that down to the never ending coach and ferry journey and the fact I was 21 not 8 years old. Still, it was an experience I will never forget and one day when I have children I hope to return and I'm sure the 'Disney Magic' will be rekindled when I watch their reactions. The highlight had to be the breathtaking firework and light display over the iconic castle on the night.

Finally, the last thing I've put in is a teddy my nan bought to the hospital when I was born. It's a scruffy little thing called Benjamin and I treasure him. I remember when I was 6 years and my teacher bought in her teddy from when she was young and described how he had a patch of fur missing as he was so old. It decided to emulate her teddy and gave Benjamin a little trim to make him feel extra old. So this teddy is heading for the box as it represens childhood, a time of innocence in my life.

Throughout the year I will adding more to the box and reflecting of many happy memories

So now whenever I have any negative thoughts I can simply turn to my happy box and reminisce over some of my most happiest memories. 

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