The Power of Inspiration


Firstly, I never created this blog to inspire anyone. I simply wanted to find a way of treating my mental health, I find it hard talking to people so end up keeping everything bottled up which only leads to a breakdown. I needed a way to channel my thoughts and release some of the negative feelings in my body. I recently set up a Facebook page to promote this blog and while it only has 5 followers, it's one of the best things I ever did. And here is why...on this blog I have over 17,000 views in just under 3 months but I have never received any messages and rarely do I get comments. But yesterday a lad messaged me on my Facebook page and here is what he said....

"Hi Tom, I was inspired by your blog and decided it was time to start my own, if you have time could you please have a look at how I've started and feel free to give me any pointers! Thank You"

Now reading that you may not think much of it but there's two things which point out in it and that's the word "inspired" and little do you know his first blog post is about his battle with depression and suicidal thoughts. I can't describe how touching it was to receive that message and to think that this blog has inspired another young person to share their story with mental health is remarkable!

Talking about mental health is incredibly difficult for anyone but especially men, we are much more reserved and feel as though we will be laughed at, not understood and our masculinity will take a beating. So, to think I helped another man feel comfortable to open up about his mental health means the world to me, that man is Dan Glynne and I highly recommend you read his blog it's an honest read and I admire his bravery!. 

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