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First things first you're probably thinking washing powder like really is he seriously going to talk about washing powder? Well I am but this isn't you're bog standard washing powder it's special washing powder. Now you're probably wondering what on earth is he on about there is no such thing as special washing powder. Well there is and this is why...

It's no secret that I have Eczema and with all of my allergies I have to be careful with the washing powder I use. In the past whenever my Eczema has decided to flare up the first thing that comes out of peoples mouths is "Have you changed your washing powder?". I was casually browsing and came across the Simply brand. I was pleased to see the National Eczema Society featured on the packaging, a charity close to my heart.

Last weekend I spent cleaning my room and being a typical lad I found a huge pile of clothes scattered around which needed washing. So you can imagine my relief when the door knocked and there was my parcel of Simply washing powder, it couldn't have arrived at a better time. Plus we have even had a few sunny moments this week perfect weather for drying clothes.

These are the two varieties I've been using:

The powder comes in the style of  sealed cubes and dissolve in the washing machine. It's difficult to describe but I have definitely noticed a big change to my clothes, they feel much softer on my skin and smell gorgeous. I would even go as far as to say, it has helped with my Eczema, I'm prone to rashes and the smallest things can trigger my Eczema to flare up. These are much better quality than some of the other leading brands and so much easier to use all you do is simply add two tablets to your washing machine drawer and leave them to work their magic.

If that's not enough to convince you and win you round then you may be surprised to hear that they are dermatologically tested, phosphate free and suitable for vegans. They are slightly more expensive than some brands but they are worth every extra penny, you are paying for more, I can't think of a brand which has helped take care of my skin. From one Eczema sufferer to another I hand on heart honestly recommend them and once my batch run out I will undoubtedly be ordering more.

Why not order yourself some just head on over to:


Update: On opening the washing machine drawer I found some of the packaging the power cubes are sealed in. Unfortunately, they don't dissolve that well so be careful and check after each wash, don't want any blockages. Still they are worth that extra few seconds of checking the drawer when I take into consideration how useful they've been for my Eczema.

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