*Randomise - A Fun and Friendly Family Game*


As you know I work with children as a nursery nurse and teaching assistant and so I am always on the look out for fun educational games which engage children. Randomise ticks all the boxes, there are different tasks so children don't lose concentration. Most importantly, it supports holistic development. I decided to test the game out on my three little guinea pigs often referred to as my little cousins.

"In this game, players are given random identities - such as a dizzy robot bungee jumping, a confused octopus eating spaghetti or a disguised giraffe playing air guitar - and can choose whether to act, describe or draw their identity for their team mates to guess".

The one thing I enjoyed most about this game was the fact it was old-school, no phones and no tablets just good old fashioned family fun. It got everyone around the table for the first time in a long time and it proved to my cousins you don't need technology to have fun. As a child I was an avid board game hoarder but board games are bulky and take up a lot of space and contain several little bits and pieces which you can never find to play the game again. One of the unique selling points of Randomise is the fact it's simple, it's small and compact easy to store away with no mess.

At first I was very skeptical about the game and the thought of playing it struck fear right through me. In the past whenever we have attempted to play a game together it has ended in family arguments and nine times out of ten you can guarantee the game gets thrown into the air and we are reminded who are the sore losers in our family. Randomise proved me wrong, it was light hearted fun and even us adults enjoyed it. There was lots of unexplainable drawing,  ridiculously poor acting and describing carried out by all. If that wasn't enough for you then prepare yourself for a very sweet cherry to go on top... Randomise is only £9.99 and you can grab yours here. Now compare that to other games on the market it's a fraction of the price compared to a video game.

Why not take a sneak peek at the video below to learn more about Randomise...

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