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I am in love with the MIND website, the work they do speaks volumes. They are an incredible charity who are passionate and work tirelessly to support mental health. I recently followed them on twitter and discovered their latest campaign called #takeoffthetape. The purpose of the campaign is for those who are ready to speak openly about the one thing that causes you to feel anxious and take off the tape so to speak. There is no shame in mental health, there is only one way to treat it and that's to be as open as you can to get support. It's simple if no one knows then no one can help.

Recently, the media has reported how there are a lack of hospital beds and facilities for young people with mental health issues. Furthermore, there is also a record number of young people currently taking anti-depressants. These facts are a reflection of the number of young people who are coming forward and talking about their mental health.

Tablets and I don't go well together, one day I will talk more about this. I am fortunate in that my GP (who is phenomenal) doesn't give anti-depressants out like they're sweets and will recommend everything she can to help treat your depression and mental health. I know for a fact if I was ever prescribed anti-depressants then I would be addicted immediately and I don't want to rely on tablets all my life.

Personally, I believe anti-depressants come in a variety of ways, my anti-depressant is this blog and my dogs for other's it can be a passion or hobby like fitness. Anti-depressants don't just come in the shape of a pill. To me pills are a last resort and I hope to one day never have to take them.

I benefit from reading about other peoples mental health and how they cope with it. It helps to know you're not the only one and there are many other people in the world experiencing similar feelings and thoughts to you. If you are not ready to speak openly about mental health or seek support then please at least head over to the website which is really informative and supportive.

Not everyone will be a position where they feel comfortable to #takeoffthetape but after talking so openly about my own mental health I think it's safe to say I'm ready. And if you are then join me and #takeoffthetape

These are the four steps to taking part (if you do just one of them then that's an achievement itself)

Step 1 - Tape

If you don't normally talk about your anxiety, here is your #TakeOffTheTape challenge... Write down the biggest worry on something and carefully place it over your mouth. *Make sure it’s not too sticky first* (beard-owners beware!) and take special care it doesn't go over your nose.

Step 2 - Selfie


Take a selfie and share it on social media - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - as many places as you dare!

Step 3 - Share

Make sure you *use #takeoffthetape hashtag* and *share the link to this page - www.mind.org.uk/tape* on your social media post.

Step 4 - Donate 

***Text TAPE to 70660 to give £3*** Text costs £3 plus your standard network charge. Mind receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payers permission. Customer care 020 8215 2243.

And finally "Step 5" is to simply stand back and be proud of yourself for admitting what causes you anxiety and sharing this for the world to see! 

Last but not least the moment you've all be waiting for...

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