The Love Roller Coaster


If you've been reading my blog recently then you may have noticed the theme of love is dominating my life. For too long now I have been too busy focusing on what other people have, constantly comparing myself to them. Wondering why have you found love but not me, it's even worse when you compare yourself to people younger than you, it's made me feel like I'm a failure when it comes to love. I like to think of myself as on the love roller coaster, it has its ups and downs mainly downs if I'm honest as I am very difficult to put up with I admit that.

The roller coaster has come to a standstill but it's not all bad let's just say it's stuck at the top in other words I'm on a high but we all know what comes after that a steep and sudden drop to the bottom. I'm really happy right now, I've realised my ex made the best decision not just for herself but for both of us, at first I thought she was being selfish with the classic "It's not you, it's me" line. But I was wrong since splitting up we have both benefited a lot, I finally feel as if I'm heading back to be Tom again, I'm feeling less stress and much calmer.

There's times when I get down and feel lonely and I'm barely leaving the house right now but like I said I'm happy, if I was on a downer and not leaving the house then the alarm bells would be ringing. It's scary it's been a long time since I entered the dating world and now I've found myself talking to girls the same age who have a career; nurses and teachers and there's me the 22 year old lad a few months from graduating no better off than I was before my degree.

The whole dating thing is a little strange thought cause I'm talking to more than one girl which doesn't quite feel right with me but it's just talking I guess. I don't expect to meet anyone anytime soon or for anything to come from these dreaded dating apps but all I do know is, I'm not the only one there's some lovely girls out there and they are more than happy in their life being single and for me that's what I want right now. I'm hoping this will be the last love themed post for a while but who knows, I've got a few dates on the cards so you maybe hearing from me sooner than you think.

I've learnt it's okay to be single, it doesn't matter there's more to happiness than love.

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