I "promise" You


I've been fed so many promises in my life and I have to say very few of them have remained unbroken. I can't help but feel people use the words this day freely with no meaning. A promise is more than just a word to some people, to me it means trust, commitment, reliant, love, unconditional etc. I come across too many people who think by making a promise it will simply shut me up. Classic promises I've had include; "I promise to never hurt you", "I love you promise", "I'll always be there promise". Well where are you now? Shacked up with somebody else probably feeding them all your bull**** "promises". I no longer see a purpose to promises, cause half the time they have no meaning to the person making them. A promise changes nothing you shouldn't have to promise to do something you should just do it for example don't promise to love me just frigging love me. SIMPLES. There's nothing worse than someone standing right in front of you promising you the world when they are blatantly lying. I think I've finally realised not to be so reliant on people because before I know it I'm back to square one after being hurt again. Valentines Day is just around the corner so when your boyfriend or girlfriend or actually even yourself makes a promise then please think before you speak don't say it if you don't hand on heart mean it and if you are made any promises don't sit back and think everything is going to be perfect.

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