Bye Bye Spots


I recently posted about the latest demon and depressant in my life...SPOTS! I mentioned how I found the 'Grease Lightening' spot treatment from Lush. Unfortunately, I haven't had chance to visit a store to pick up a bottle. However, I did mention briefly how I picked up a tube of spot gel for just one pound but didn't hold out much hope for it. Well, I was wrong, I've been using for a few days now and the swelling and redness has changed dramatically, the spots are no longer bulging from my forehead.

The product I've been using is the T-Zone Spot Zapping Gel, it does state how it provides "Rapid Action" and "Get's to work in just 4 hours". Now, I wouldn't agree with these statements and I wouldn't recommend it for a quick and easy solution. However, my spots were already present, maybe it works better on spots which are just starting out. It's definitely more for prevention than curing but still managed to do the job.

Nevertheless, it's cheap and for the sake of a pound you can't complain. Now you should know by now my battle with eczema so I was pleased to read one of the ingredients in this spot gel is Tea Tree which has been fundamental in treating my eczema all my life. Tea Tree is a phenomenal ingredient not just for eczema but for any skin soap but it can prove difficult to get your hands on, I highly recommend you try some tea tree soap, it hydrates the skin and it's odour is flawless. Every time I use it, it leaves me feeling fresh.

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