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Not sure if I've mentioned before I have 3 dogs; a French Bulldog (Reggie), a Basset Hound (Louie) and a Springer Spaniel (Billy). So you can imagine the amount of food and treats we get through every month. It's difficult and costs a fortune buying treats not just to feed all three but to meet their individual taste buds, they all have their favorites and whilst one will snap your hand off for one treat another will turn his nose up at it.

Recently, I came across petshop.co.uk and spoke to a lovely lady explaining all of my pooches dietary requirements and medical issues. She hand selected a variety of products specifically for them. Now, the stress is taken away as the support is there from people with the right knowledge. I should point out they don't just cater for dogs, they cater for all animals from your dog to your mouse, rat and hedgehog and they don't just provide food they supply a range of accessories.

The website is a life saver because you can filter your choices selecting the type of food you want, brand, age and size of dog/cat, flavour, weight and breed plus many extras you name it petshop.co.uk cater for it. This has helped more immensely as it can be overwhelming with the number of products on the market not knowing which is best suit for your beloved pet. They even offer a subscription service which they refer to as the "bottomless bowl". That's because "the reason why we set up petshop.co.uk was to provide a subscription service to provide maximum convenience and help you save even more precious time, carry heaving pet supplies and money on expensive pet foods".

Here's what we got in our first box...

"Almo Nature cat food & dog feed offers some of the highest quality dog food and cat food tins, pouches & dry food made with human grade, natural ingredients. Almo Nature dog and cat food offers both complete dry and wet food with added vitamins and minerals to keep your pet's healthy".

Let's be honest most dog food smells awful. Often I find myself heaving when I'm serving up the dogs breakfast turning my nose as far away as possible in an attempt to avoid the smell. This might sound strange but I actually enjoyed serving this dog food, it just poured out naturally no need to mash it all up. When I read the label I was surprised to learn the flavour is tuna and chicken, what a funny combination, right? Needless to say, they all liked it and within seconds Louie (Basset Hound) has it all in his floppy ears and I found Reggie (French Bulldog) licking the leftovers off Billys (Springer Spaniel) face!

"Every single ingredient in Canagan dog and cat food has been carefully selected to provide your dog or cat with an optimum balanced diet. Canagan always ensures that the quality of the meat and fish that they source for their food is wholesome, delicious and contains plenty of nutritional benefits. Canagan dog food and cat food is grain-free, meaning it contains more nutrients and is less likely to trigger allergies in your dog or cat".

When it comes to dog food I go by one motto "if you wouldn't eat it yourself why expect your pooch too". Canagan is a great product if your one of those people that like products being manufactures on home ground, that's right they are made here in the UK and better still free-range chicken is used. The guys at petshop.co.uk sent me two bags one bag for small breed dogs and one for all dog types catering for all my pets, what more could you ask for? Here your getting quality over quantity for your money. I have a very expensive dog and I don't understand how some people will spend thousands of pounds on a dog and then feed it incredibly cheap food. This might surprise you but this dog food is actually fit for HUMAN CONSUMPTION but don't get any ideas I don't expect you to start serving this on your own plates. I'm slightly worried in that my dogs ate this so fast I don't think they gave it chance to know whether they liked it or not. But judging by the sparkling bowls left behind I'm giving it a paws up.

"Pet Munchies are premium, gourmet treats made from quality, human grade real meat and fish. All of our interesting treats are natural hand cuts that preserve the flavours of the finest chicken, duck, liver and ocean white fish".

When you first look at these, they don't appear that appeitising but then again not many dog treats do. Reggie has proved not to judge a book by it's cover and after one or two sniffs he woofed it down, you could say they went down a treat. Just one thing though, every time you give Reggie a treat it only results in one thing....TOXIC FARTS and boy has he smelt the house out today. The thing I liked most about the treats is that they are made from chicken breast meat with no artificial additives or preservatives. So your getting your monies worth! These are also perfect for your pooches with a little pot-belly as they are high in protein and low in fat. So it's a win win for Reggie, Louie and Billy.

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