Don't Be Fools Check Your Balls!


Hold on ladies, don't go anywhere you don't get out of this if your boyfriend won't check his balls then there's no reason why you can't and no I don't mean that in a sexist way but purely as health awareness. It's better for someone to check them than no one check them, you can even make it fun (depends how imaginative you are) or maybe get him to check your breasts, they may feel something you don't.

Men are notorious for shrugging things off, believing it doesn't happen to men like themselves, well lads it got to happen to some one no lad is safe. So here are a few facts about testicular cancer published by the NHS:

  • Uncommon cancer accounting for only 1% of all cancers than occur in men
  • Most common symptom is a painless lump or swelling in the testicles
  • Usually affects young men aged 15-49
  • Around 2,300 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer every year
  • It is rare for a man to die from testicular cancer
But don't worry too much, if you do suspect or feel something that doesn't mean its testicular cancer however, if unfortunately it is diagnosed then there is a 96% survival rate. It's important to check often, once a month is enough but if you shower regularly then have a quick check, it takes a few seconds and could save years of your life. I urge all men to check and see a GP as soon as possible should they have any concerns. 

So how exactly do you check your balls. Well fortunately, Cancer Research UK has done all the work for us, it's simply down to us to follow their simple instructions and have a quick check. 

Firstly, the ideal time to check is after a warm bath or shower. Next, hold your scrotum in the palm of your hands, so that you can use the fingers and thumb on both hands to examine your testicles. Note the size and weight of your testicles. It is common to have one testicle slightly larger, or that hangs lower than the other. But any noticeable increase in size or weight may mean that something is wrong.

Gently feel each testicle individually. You should feel a soft tube at the top of the testicle, this is normal so don't confuse it with an abnormal lump. Feel the testicle itself. It should be smooth with no lumps or swellings. It is unusual to develop cancer in both testicles at the same time. So if you are wondering whether a testicle is feeling normal or not you can compare it with the other.

It's time to remove the stigma, man up and check your manhood.

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