Doctors At 10 Past 8


This morning was judgement day at the doctors. It didn't help that the only appointment I could get was with a doctor I didn't feel comfortable with. I waited anxiously for my name to be called wondering how I was going to put into words how I am feeling. There's no option though, ideally I would never have gone but I need evidence from the doctor to prove to my university I am unwell.

I blurted out all my feelings and emotions which were met with very little response, I wanted help, anti-depressants or some sort of reassurance that things will get better. But what did I get? Well I left the consultant room clutching a piece of paper with some breathing exercises and a link to a website to read more about depression and anxiety. I have these for years, I know what they are, I live with them every hour of every day. I felt humiliated, I felt ignored.

This was a big deal to me to actually speak to someone in person and ask for help, I know if my regular doctor was there then it would have been a different outcome, she's incredible. This doctor rushed me out as fast as he could, clearly this man couldn't relate to me, I told him my family and friends don't and now he don't. I haven't even looked at the breathing exercises and never will, when someone tells you they are depressed for FUCK SAKE please I beg do not tell them to FUCKING BREATHE and their feelings will go away.

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