Addicted to Sugar!


Like many of you I am addicted to sugar, my weakness is fizzy drinks and I can easily drink a 2 litre bottle a day if not more. As terrible as it sounds I wasn't too worried when I visited the dentist as they said my teeth were perfect but my gums had turned clear from the fizzy drinks. So I attempted to cut out fizzy drinks for something none fizzy believing it would be better. I was wrong orange juice was full of sugar and even caused me stomach pains. Recently, my sugar intake has worried me, as the media is constantly warning us of the affects of sugar and alarming rate in diabetes diagnoses and to top it off two men in my family have recently been diagnosed.

It's time I take control of my sugar intake before it's too late and I join their club. My mom and I joined a slimming club in an attempt to lose weight, in two months we lost around 4 stone between us from making simple changes and cutting out sugar. This is dangerous though and as a result my mother was hospitalised from her poor sugar intake, we were stuck, sugar was making us fat then slimmer but ill, at a crossroads we decided to give up the slimming club and sadly reverted back to our old ways. I am now desperate to get back into that slimming club and make some real healthy changes, but first I need to master sugar and find the right balance. Realistically though what chance do I stand when their are products we least expect containing sugar, low-fat foods and even bread are including sugar simply to make them more appealing in taste.

It's worrying just how many young children are in similar if not worse positions, constantly addicted to sugar impacting their health. According to Change4Life on average a child aged four to ten years old is consuming 5,500 sugar cubes a year, to put this into perspective the weight of those sugar cubes is heavier than a five year old child. Children are innocent though, there's very little they can do, it's their parents who are in control of what they eat and what is bought. I am hoping all these media concerns relating to sugar will wake us all up and help us to lead healthier lives.

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