New Years Resolutions!


Yes it's that time of the year again where we all commit to resolutions for new year only to give up on them in the first week of January. Social media is bombarded with the cliches associated to New Years resolutions with many of us picking the same resolution every year.

I'm no exception but this blog will hopefully keep me on track with my resolutions this year as it will serve as a reminder and I will be blogging my progress so I can't avoid them.

So here are my five, yes five New Years resolutions;

1. Take steps to control my anxiety (easier said than done). This is probably my most difficult resolution and will take time finding the right approaches which work for me

2. Lose weight again *sigh*. This involves giving up chocolate, crisps, sugary drinks, fast food and reducing my sugar intake.

3. Go out more to more meaningful places and create memories as I'm writing this life is pretty repetitive I spend my days and weeks going to the same places endlessly

4. Try and have a positive outlook as much as possible and not take things to heart so easily (again easier said than done)

5. Spend my time wisely, get out of bed and be grateful I've been given another day of life

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