Man vs Food


I'm 21 and my fitness is unreal, for all the wrong reasons. In terms of my weight it all started when I left school. The first few months were good I was doing public services at college so was really fit. Then it all changed I decided it wasn't for me and I wanted to work with children. I found myself stuck indoors and the pounds began piling on.

Earlier this year came the end of a long turbulent relationship where I found myself depressed. Within a few days of it ending was the start of my weight loss immediately I wanted to feel better about myself and joined a local slimming group.

I held that stereotypical view "I'm gonna be in a room full of fat old women". I'm pleased to say how wrong I was the people there were lovely, notice how I'm writing this in past tense. I came away from my first session skeptical, I mean wouldn't you if you were just told you can practically eat whatever you want and not gain weight.

Needless to say, I followed the advice and on return I was in for a shock on the scales, I'd lost 6lbs in my first week, of course I was ecstatic. The following weeks came more good news, within six weeks I'd lost over a stone and half. I felt the best I had in a long time and people were commenting on my weight loss and I know what I'm gonna say next will annoy some people who have tried to lose weight, but I found it easy. At times the food was a bit repetitive but overall, I found losing weight was simple and easy.

Then it all changed, I reconciled with an old friend from university and before I knew it we were in a relationship and I found myself house sharing with five other students. Previously when I met up with friends I was careful on my diet but this was different this wasn't meeting with friends it was living with "friends". I didn't want to be the boring mature one in the house that watches what they eat and I didn't want to envy people when I seen them eating some of my old favorites.

So what do all students do to relax, order pizza and various takeaways not to mention the odd trip to Nando's when finances allow. It was my first week living with new people and to no surprise I gained five and a half pounds. I didn't care because I knew I could lose it and now I knew how cause of my slimming group. Two weeks later I lost that weight and was back to my one and a half stone loss. However, my slimming group got tedious, I was finding it boring and now a chore, it went from my highlight of the week to my dreaded hour of the week.

I had enough and gave it up. Since then, I've put all that weight back on and the rest probably. I've now left that house share so got no excuses but then I got that job at the nursery. The days were long, 10 hour shifts and I found myself constantly hungry desperate for energy and too tired to cook so a routine emerged of constantly snacking on junk and ordering takeaways.

Now I'm back in that cycle of depression and comforting eating. However, all that is going to change, I'm going to enjoy Christmas and pigging out then I'm rejoining my slimming group ready for a new me in 2016.

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