Failing a Job Interview


Recently, I applied for a new job, taking a step away from childcare and returning to the world of retail. The first was an online application, I'm not a fan on these, having to write out your CV only to upload it at the end anyway. It was a simple process, no tests i.e. maths, literacy, customer service scenarios just straight forward with only a few of those generic questions which I decided to skip. I didn't hold out much hope but you don't get anywhere in life unless you try.

A few days later, I received an email advising me to arrange a telephone interview. My friend told me about a website which gives you advice about the interview process for companies. The phone rang and I did my telephone interview, I could have cheated and wrote down my responses using the interview website but I didn't. I decided to give an honest interview and it was a disaster, I even answered wrongly about where the company was founded.

To my surprise, the next day I got a call inviting me to an interview with the area and store manager, it was short notice and came at the worse possible time, a day before my dissertation was due in, but I accepted the interview offer. The time of my interview came and I found myself staring into thin air in the staff room waiting for the other applicants to finish their interview. The interview went ahead and my nerves started creeping in, I began mixing my words and blurting out a hundred words a second. I'm told by many not to have such a negative outlook but to me it's a realistic outlook.

Now the question remains was I successful, is the job mine? I'm now out that tedious stage of waiting for a reply, if I'm lucky enough to get a reply then I'm successful, so fingers crossed. If it's a no then its back to the drawing board and applying for jobs elsewhere, onwards and upwards.

Update - I got the email of rejection today, what hope have I got? Roll on 2016.

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