Disneyland Paris!


Last month, a friend and I went to Disneyland Paris for Halloween to celebrate her 21st. It wasn't what I expected and in all honesty I personally found the place a little dated. We were bombarded with gift shop after gift shop, but if you're like me and love Disney and shopping then it's the perfect combination.

We missed the first parade and after attempting to speak to several French cast members we were given the time of the next one. We managed to  make it and it was the first time that day I really felt the 'Disney Magic'. The human cast members i.e Snow White, Magnificent and Mary Poppins looked phenomenal. We were staring at the people we had grown up with and it felt amazing.

As it stands Frozen has taken over the lives of children and captured the hearts of adults alike and I think many people were expecting to see a lot of Frozen events. Sadly, there was nothing except a glimpse of Anna, Elsa and Olfa within the parade.

We had fast track tickets so expected we would be going on the rides first but we were wrong we would have to order a ticket and it would say to go back in a few hours and you'd get to go on first. However, once you've ordered one of these tickets you can't order anymore until the time passes on the one you've already got. This means while you're locked out from getting anymore fast track tickets others are getting them so they are sold out for the day.

The queues must have been over a mile long at some attractions but in fairness they were constantly moving...at a snails pace. We managed to get on the Pirates of Caribbean ride which was really impressive. The other ride we went on were mainly the unpopular ones with no queues but as we were only there for one day we decided it was better to experience something rather than nothing.

We were given some vouchers by our provider and ended up having lunch at Planet Hollywood which was a dream for me as I am lover of Toy Story. We were seated quickly and whilst waiting for food we admired the decoration. The walls were adorned with film props from Disney films, sadly you can't see them all while people are sitting at tables.

We spent the evening roaming the Disney Studios, the rides were packed as the main park closed for the Halloween party. After walking round for a while, our feet were aching and we spotted a tour attraction so jumped on simply for a rest. We were naive and not paying attention until we overheard it saying we were now going to a film set. We sat there looking at this film set and noticed it began to rock. All of a sudden this huge fireball erupted it was so big you could feel the heat and smell the gas, it left us speechless. Soon after, we had hundreds of thousands of litres of water soaring down the set towards us and going over our heads, the experience was flawless and our highlight.

The night rolled in and the stars took over the sky indicating the end of our day at Disneyland. We finished the evening in front of the castle watching the breathtaking light and firework show. We can cross off Disneyland Paris on our bucket lists.

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