Battling Eczema


I've been dealing with eczema all my life and tried all the creams imaginable not to mention lotions for bathing. I'm pleased to say I have grown out of it...almost. Eczema in incurable and extremely frustrating with itching not to mention I also have a list of allergies as long as my arm which contribute to it such as; grass, wool, felt, latex, plasters, play-doh and even chocolate *sigh*.

Initially, I was born with really bad eczema it was red sore patches and would often bleed, as a child I could be found scraping my back against a door desperate to itch it. Growing up I was forever fed that classic line "don't itch it" but when you're a small kid with irritable skin you try not itching it, it's a natural reaction to scratch an itch.

At school, I would often feel anxious especially during P.E. because my skin would often look white,flaky and dry and that doesn't help when you're going through puberty having to deal with a load of other body changes. My hands have always been my problem, they have always appeared as though they belong to an old man, it's stupid how I would envy everyone else for having "normal" hands without wrinkles. Unfortunately, my hands have taken a turn for the worse these past few months, just when I thought I could move my life forward without eczema, but this times it's different and has removed layers of my skin. So I thought I would share with you some of the creams I'm using to treat it.

Dream Cream - Lush
A friend bought me this for Christmas but let me have it early.
 It's quite expensive but worth every penny after all it's your skin and health and you can't put a price on that. I'm normally weary with lush products as they often have a lot of ingredients and I feel they will do more harm than good because of my skin allergies. The dream cream is amazing and  its been working really well unlike a lot of other creams this helps to heal the skin and treat eczema, it's a bestseller and there's lots of positive reviews on lush.

I picked these up in the pound-shop of all places, they're a little too oily and greasy
than I would like so I mainly use them to moisturise and just use
 throughout the day to make my hands feel not so dry.

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