Battling Eczema - Part 2


Following the success of the Lush Dream Cream, I am now only using Lush products to treat my eczema. I am overwhelmed by the number of eczema sufferers who also speak so highly of its effects on their eczema. So as it stands I am using the Dream Cream to treat my eczema on my hands which has improved dramatically. In terms of other products, I am using Snow Fairy, Butterbear bath bombs, Father Christmas bath bombs and Baked Alaska soap for bathing.

I have moved onto bathing products as throughout my childhood I was forever prescribed bathing lotions and shampoos such as; Oilatum and Polytar and their smell was revolting. Lush has been a god send, finally I can enjoy bathing surrounded by phenomenal odours which linger on your skin for hours whilst leaving it feel smooth and radiant.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb

The second this pink fella hits the water he explodes turning it green in seconds. This is worth the money as its larger than most bath bombs so I will definitely be looking out for it again next year throughout the festive period.

Snow Fairy

I was first introduced to Snow Fairy by a friend, from the second I first smelt it I was hooked and the smell has never left me. Snow Fairy is fairly expensive with this bottle (500g) costing just under £20 so you can imagine my excitement when I spotted it in the Lush sale for just £6 a bottle. I snapped up four and a few minutes later they were sold out. It's no surprise Snow Fairy is so popular, its candy floss aroma is perfection and it has worked wonders on my eczema leaving my skin feeling smooth, refreshed and smelling good enough to eat (see what I did there). The only downside when it comes to Lush products is not living alone as everyone else in the house falls in love with the products or simply uses them as if  its water not recognising its worth as liquid gold. 
Baked Alaska Soap

So I purchased this soap blind (online) with no prior knowledge of its smell and texture. I am overwhelmed by its smell when it arrive in the post today. It was the first time I have ever ordered online and I was disappointed to find the products were not packaged in the parcels. I can't wait to use this smell, normally I've used tea tree soap which also works well for eczema. Baked Alaska uses grapefruit oil which really comes to life and it is without doubt the most colourful soap I've ever seen when sliced open it bursts with colours just like a rainbow. 

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