Balancing Student Life


I know there are a lot of people out there when I say people I'm referring to the naive ones who hold a classic viewpoint that the life of a student is easy. Some even say it's full of sex,drugs and rock n roll. There's a perception held by some that student life consists of alcohol, pot noodles, messy halls and an endless supply of takeaways.

Whilst that may be the uni experience for some students it's not one for me. Instead my student life is hectic and one of the hardest elements is finding a balance. If I'm not stressing over word counts, referencing, assignments, deadlines, lectures, tutorials, out of class reading then I'm adding to it by worrying about all that plus next semesters. A students life is difficult and full of sacrifices whether that's time with family and friends or related to finances. Many students live on a tight budget I for one am no exception and even though this will not affect me as I will have graduated (hopefully) I was devastated when the government announced the scrapping of educational grants. Without this grant I would not be at uni as the financial burden would have been too overwhelming to deal with. University life is without doubt the most stressful period of my life knowing every move you make will determine your future is a thought etched in my brain.

Placements are without doubt a huge inconvenience for me, whilst I love working with children, it gets to a point where you are tired of working voluntary with little, if any recognition and this year is my fifth year experiencing that. Five years and I am still volunteering in various settings wondering will I ever get anywhere, will I ever get my foot on the ladder.

But a few months ago I did get my foot on the ladder and secured a paid job working with uni, finally I felt it was becoming worthwhile and I was getting somewhere. But try working 40 hours a week alongside a full time course full of stresses such as, the dreaded dissertation. Students are under an indescribable amount of pressure and there is only so much they can take and after 10 weeks another sacrifice was needed and I had to give up this job I had worked so long and waited for as the balance proved too much. So now I am back to square one, no job in my desired profession and facing the stresses of uni life once again.

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