Can Men Be Nursery Nurses?


So recently I got a job as nursery nurse, turns out I lasted 10 weeks. The interview was intense and the worse I had ever experienced. I had little hope anything would come of it. I was unable to answer most of the questions as it had been a while since I last stepped foot in a nursery. A miracle happened, later that day I got an email offering me the position, I was thrilled but deep down there was only one true reason why I had been successful, because I'm a man.

Soon after I started my work, I was thrown in the deep end and even though I was the highest qualified, I was the least experienced. The work was intense I was taken aback by the level of paperwork, whenever I felt I was getting somewhere and fitting in someone would leave. I was torn between the nursery nurses and manager stuck in the middle being warned off about each other and who to watch out for.

I made a lot of mistakes but when I asked for help I was pushed away. Sadly the management never once took a reflective approach and thought maybe if he was supported these mistakes wouldn't happen. I had to teach myself everything and the days were long, I sacrificed a lot for the job, moving in with my friends parents cause work was closer and missing out on family time. In the 10 weeks I was there I was the SIXTH member of staff to hand in my resignation. I slowly began to realise the true identity of my manager and realised they were responsible.

I felt unsupported, undervalued and the morale was low. I was finding myself spending more time doing paperwork than interacting with the children. I idolised the children and still miss them dearly. I handed in my resignation with a heavy heart. I gave a weeks notice but 10 mins before my shift ended I was summoned to the office like a school boy, I was handed a letter. I opened it to read I was leaving that day, my heart sank, my manager took away the opportunity for me to say bye to my key children and parents and thank them for all their support. I was devastated I was forced to leave them behind thinking I just disappeared and abandoned them.

My manager told me that day that I was just a number and simply replaceable and she didn't care cause she had a roof over her head. Often I was reminded by my manager how I scored the lowest in the interview but was given a chance and should show my loyalty and not resign, I was told no other nursery would want to employ me cause I have nothing to offer. It's been a few weeks since then but still I miss working and earning but most of all I miss my little friends who I worked so hard with to form attachments.

My heart breaks thinking of them and I miss seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter. I try and tell myself that this is just one nursery and they are not all like it but sadly in my experience in other nurseries a nursery is no place for a man.

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